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China Jiangsu Net, September 9th, Yancheng News. The color temperature of the dual-color temperature street lamp on Dongjin Avenue in Dongtai City, Yancheng City is adjusted in real time, the smart light pole of Haixin Road integrates multiple functions, and the pedestrian street single light control system realizes intelligent control...
Since the beginning of this year, the street lamp office of Dongtai City Management Bureau has closely followed the requirements for the creation of a national civilized city and a "ten no, 20 have" urban construction management demonstration city. It has formulated a high-standard overall plan for the transformation and upgrading of smart street lights, and adopted domestic mature and advanced new technology. With new technologies and new equipment, we will make every effort to create a new mode of smart street lighting to add luster to the creation of a national civilized city.
Dongjin road lights are upgraded and adopt dual-color temperature intelligent control system. The dual-color temperature street lamp is equipped with two color temperature light sources of yellow and white on the lamp head, and integrates the street lamp control unit, constant current power supply unit and color temperature switching module unit. The color temperature can be adjusted with the seasons, and it can also be dynamically adjusted according to the real-time ambient light visibility Color temperature to meet different travel needs. The human body likes warm color temperature in autumn and winter, but prefers cool color temperature in spring and summer. It is safer to use 3000K color temperature in rainy and foggy days than 5000K color temperature. Low color temperature light has strong penetration and higher visibility, which can reduce the chance of accidents.
The renovation of Haixin Road street lights focuses on the intelligent and multifunctional upgrade of street light poles. The transformed street lights integrate "lighting, publicity, and monitoring". The light poles are equipped with electronic display screens and high-definition cameras, and on the basis of playing the role of traditional street lighting, they have become a new public service advertisement publicity position. At the same time, the high-definition camera can monitor the surrounding city appearance and traffic order in real time, and respond to problems in time.
The pedestrian street street lights are upgraded and adopt a single-light control system. On the basis of the one-key control of all street lights in the urban area, the lighting control center can also realize the single-lamp control of each street lamp in the pedestrian street. If a street lamp fails, it can automatically alarm, quickly deal with it, and light it as soon as possible.
It is understood that the intelligent street lamp renovation and upgrading projects are incorporated into the centralized management of the lighting control center, and through real-time adjustment, alarm maintenance, data analysis, and one-key lighting, street lamp information, automation and intelligent monitoring and management are realized. At the same time, street light managers can also use the "Smart Street Lights" APP to grasp the status of street lights anytime and anywhere, implement 24-hour network monitoring, and automatically alarm in case of street lamp failure or equipment failure, and timely maintenance to ensure the normal lighting of street lights.